Friday, March 17, 2006

US Death Squads in Iraq?

Every so often an article surfaces which peels back the "shiny happy nation" generally promoted by the US and mainstream media, and a glimpse of the hellish reality of Iraq blasts through. For the sake of clarity, I've separated the article into two halves - one which show the US-based comments, and one which shows the Iraqi version. Here's the US version:
The U.S. military said two women and a child died during the bid to seize an al Qaeda militant from a house.

The U.S. military said in a statement its troops had attacked a house in Ishaqi early on Wednesday to capture a "foreign fighter facilitator for the al Qaeda in Iraq network".

"Troops were engaged by enemy fire as they approached the building," U.S. spokesman Major Tim Keefe said. "Coalition Forces returned fire utilising both air and ground assets.

"There was one enemy killed. Two women and one child were also killed in the firefight. The building ... (was) destroyed."

Keefe said the al Qaeda suspect had been captured and was being questioned.
Now here's the Iraqi version:
Eleven members of an Iraqi family were killed in a U.S. raid on Wednesday, police and witnesses said.

Television pictures showed 11 bodies in the Tikrit morgue -- five children, two men and four women. A freelance photographer later saw the bodies being buried in Ishaqi, the town 100 km (60 miles) north of Baghdad where the raid took place.

Major Ali Ahmed of the Ishaqi police said U.S. forces had landed on the roof of the house in the early hours and shot the 11 occupants, including the five children.

"After they left the house they blew it up," he said.

Another policeman, Major Farouq Hussein, said all the bodies had gunshot wounds to the head.

Pictures of the house targeted in the raid showed it had been reduced to rubble, while next to it lay the burnt-out wreckage of a truck.

Iraqi police said the U.S. military had asked for a meeting with local tribal leaders.

Photographs of the funeral showed men weeping as five children were wrapped in blankets and then lined up in a row next to freshly dug graves.

Police in Salahaddin province, a heartland of the Sunni Arab insurgency and the home region of Saddam Hussein, have frequently criticised U.S. military tactics in the area.
Who ever thought two versions of events could be so different? In one, we have minimized casualties, plus the successful capture of an "Al Qaeda militant". In the other, we have a US Army "Death Squad" (let's call a spade a spade here) raiding the house and coldly butchering the occupants, including children, execution-style and then bombing the house to cover their tracks.

To add an even more disturbing dimension to this is the comment "the US military asked for a meeting with local tribal leaders". Was this a calculated plot to wipe out local tribal leadership under the guise of raiding for "Al-Qaeda militants"? Why would the US wish to accomplish something like this?

The only obvious answer in my opinion is that, far from trying to "build a free and prosperous Iraq", the US is doing everything in its power to ensure that the country collapses into civil war. What better way to set the whole Muslim middle east up for total destruction and domination than to build the appearance of a democratic government only to have it collapse in sectarian warfare. The finger can then be firmly pointed at the Muslims who are "animals" and "incapable of co-existing in a civilised society".

Then, in parallel, comes the set-up for War with Iran. If a nuclear 9-11 type event were to occur just as the UN Security Council began to consider punitive measures against Iran's supposed "nuclear weapons development", well.... it doesn't take much imagination to consider what the response of the US and the "coalition of the willing" would be.

Could it be that, as some have speculated, we have a group of Christian and Zionist fundamentalists at the helm determined to plunge the world into a religious war against the Muslim faith in order to kick-start the "End Times"?

Scary stuff indeed.


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