Sunday, February 26, 2006

Osama the Nihilist

Just when I thought I'd heard everything. (Well, not really. I expect this is just a test run for some big whopping lies to come in the lead up to the next Crusade against Iran).

Al-Qaeda, being responsible for the bombing of Islamic shrines in Iraq (according to our ), are apparently not so much "Islamic fundamentalist" anymore, as they are ".

It seems that Osama's anger at the West is just so great that it can no longer be contained and now everything must be destroyed in order to spread Islamic fundamentalism - even Islamic fundamentalism itself.

Seriously, who believes this nonsense? Jack Straw should have been fired the minute those words came out of his mouth. He has shown nothing but contempt for the average, decent human being. Jack, I hope those words return to haunt you one day - preferably the day you get locked away for acting as a pimp and apologist for the war and genocide being perpetrated on the Iraqi people by the UK/US/Israeli Axis of Blow-shit-up-and-blame-Al-Qaeda.

Framing others for your own crimes is wrong Jack. People get put in JAIL for that.


At 10:32 pm, Blogger phil said...

Yeah well they all do it.


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