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Or so it may appear, according to a new blog entry by Laura Knight-Jadczyk. I must admit that I've paid ATS a few visits, but I always stopped short of registering to post. I'm not sure why... it seems like a popular forum active in many subjects I find interesting, yet I always found the attitude of the moderators a little "off". I can't really put my finger on what it was, but it was enough to dissuade me from joining the forum.

Well, LJK's post really puts that feeling into perspective! Check this:
The very next thing that happened - within hours of writing the above - was that we received an email from Above Top Secret as follows:

Mark - From : USA wrote : I am disgusted by your accusation that, LLP is a "Government funded damage control outlet" I ask that you retract that lie.

My partners and I have spent the last several years building that site and have NEVER received a nickel from ANY government, never been asked to do ANYTHING for or by ANY government and NEVER WILL.

The fact we attract logical members who present THIER analysis and ask that other members treat them with COURTEOUSNESS and keep the discussion at an ADULT level sans flames and rediculous off topic commentary does NOT make us anything more or less than what we are. The number ONE destination on the internet to FREELY Deny Ignorance.

It is truly SAD that when a site allows ALL sides of an issue to be heard people like YOU who believe hook line and sinker there is a conspiracy where there may or may not be one, feel the need to falsely accuse us of being crooked. It makes me SICK and SAD for you.

You obviously haven't read the THOUSANDS of posts that actually SUPPORT your perspective on our site, no that would be too much work wouldn't it?

Much easier to cast a negative light upon our site in the hopes of getting yourself some attention isn't it?

Thoroughly disappointed in and DISGUSTED with YOU.


Partner,, LLP
Well well well..... touched a nerve, perhaps? Seriously, if ATS gets so much traffic that it makes them a "number one site on the internet", why care about what some other website says? Especially if your site claims to have such a pro-free-speech attitude? Are ATS concerned they will lose credibility with their "conspiracy community" if such statements are made? Why would a site that purports to discuss conspiracies even care about "credibility" anyway, considering that the phrase "conspiracy theory" has become such a perjorative term (no thanks to the mainstream media)? Seems like an over-reaction to me. But to continue:
Now, what would have happened if he had written to me and said: "Hey, I read your piece and even though we disagree on the subject, I would like to object to being labeled a disinfo source. I set up the site for the same reasons you have your site: to find the truth. I just don't see any evidence of what you are saying... " etc etc...

But, since he is not there to argue the evidence, but rather to promote the lies, he can't do that. And people like that only know one way to function: to seek to destroy the other views by ridicule, shaming, playing guilt cards, aggressive insults, etc. Even if they try to mask their behavior by platitudes about being adult and courteous, they belie it by their own words. In other words, they know the words, but not the music. They are blind to their own lack of courtesy to the truth.

Or, they are disinfo...

My money is on the latter.
This is the beginning of a very interesting article. After discussion of the recent situation, she then turns to the subject of ATS's mysterious founder - a certain "Simon Gray".
I leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusion about whether or not AboveTopSecret was setting itself up as a money making venture, or to be a "vacuum cleaner" operation. Of course, the two objectives are not mutually exclusive! One thing is certain, this "Simon Gray" was way too busy and energetic to be the playwright. Whoever it was, it looks like he's out to make a million bux one way or the other. This frenzied promotional activity for the past 7 years or so will become quite interesting when we consider "Christian Bailey," (coming up) so keep it in mind.

I would also suggest that the reader go to the webarchive and go back over the history of and notice that it was quite obviously set up to draw in alternative researchers from the very beginning. Why? Obvious answer is to vector ideas.
This makes sense to me. If you are a government wanting to keep track of "dissent" and "thinking outside the box", what better way than to create a free forum for people inclined to such things to communicate? You could set up all kinds of nifty analysis packages on the server to generate reports on who knows what, plus the agents themselves could (ever so subtley) "discourage" discussion which might threaten to reveal information contrary to the government's interests. The article then continues on to discuss some speculatory links between ATS and US propaganda agents involved in Iraq psy-ops.

So is this the real truth behind ATS? I'll leave that to the reader to decide, but it seems that LJK isn't the only one with suspicions.

How deep does the rabbit-hole go?


At 3:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just shared this comment on the, IN DEFENCE IF THE INNOCENT, site;

Anonymous said...

Please oh please, encourage all who care to shut down the Multi Billion Dollar International Child Sex Industry, to share this blog at Above Top Secret and keep hammering them to keep it alive.

It's supposed to be the Worlds Biggest Conspiracy site yet these stories are played down, buried and their posters attacked.

If you are a surviving victim sharing your own story you'll be attacked for being a crazy lier and worse.

When I complained to admin. that someone advocating 10 y.o. children should be able to have sex with adults if they wanted to, was against the law, the admin. said I had no valid complaint and refused to even 'warn' them, so I posted that that is a paedophile 'fishing' tactic for like minded people, and I was locked out and THEN the thread disappeared.

I was also attacked for refusing to say that THE TORTURE SACRIFICE OF A 3YO FOR UNLIMITED RICHES, is NOT wrong or evil.
I was accused of being 'judgemental' of other religions and cultures.

The site is just too big and popular to be left to keep growing. Everyone who cares about truth and justice for the voiceless innocent, should hammer ATS to death.

I put up a long hard fight, drip feeding the truth, politely and by the rules, posting on many subjects so as not be accused of an agenda (yes to ATS, alerting people to this evil is an "agenda" that means your opinion is bias or a lie)so in the end they just stuck a 'warn' tag on my posts and locked me out.

It's hard enough to find sites that support survivers without this worlds biggest conspiracy site attacking those who do dare to speak out. The clear message is, "SHUT UP OR ELSE!"

They are also very pro-secret society and occult and anti-Christian. To them, doing majic is wise, but doing what Christ asked is stupid. God doesn't exist, Lucifer is cool and NO Respected and Important people are involved in the Child Sex Trade.

The flow and tone of the site has actually made me vomit but I plugged on in the hope that some readers may see that ATS has the "agenda" of silencing the efforts of those who care, and survivers reading would see they are believed and supported.
If you're interested I could post some links to prove their 'agenda of evil', or you could just go there and search threads tagged with keywords on this topic and see for yourselves how hard they work to keep this issue out of peoples awareness and understanding.

The mods. manipulate, with a heavy and constant hand (over 50 of them, all like minded and regularly posting their opinions and attacking those who differ)they do not moderate.

At 1:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AboveTopSecret is the biggest joke on the internet. They are TRUELY disinformation specialist. THEY ALLOW DISINFO AGENTS TO POST ON THEIR FORUMS AND SPREAD FALSE INFORMATION. There was an instance a guy was asking people to debunk his 911 "facts" in his thread. Another smart guy comes up and disproves half the stuff he says with pictures and well thought out points. The thread starter blurs out straight lies, appon lies, and the smart guy gets angry at the lies. The thread starter claimed that nobody was in the Pentagon during the 911 impact. The smart guy shows FACTS about 125 employees that were killed in teh Pentagon, and the thread starter has the nerve to deny it. How can you deny such a thing?? The smart guy proceeds to call the thread starter IGNORANT, meaning "he has lack of knownledge". The smart guy gets 2 WARNINGS from the moderators, and then later BANNED from the site. Just for telling someone he lacks knowledge.. THEN, after being banned one of the moderators says, "There will be no more insults, and anyone with the IGNORANCE (in italics) to disobey will be shorted out". So they ban someone for calling a person ignorant, then they proceed to use the same word as a wraning. To ice the cake, the well known "catch phrase" for ATS is "DENY IGNORANCE".

As the user is banned, the thread starter continues to spread his LIES and anyone who challanges him is ignored, or answered with a really stupid saying, "I won't believe it till you prove it". Once you prove it, he ignores it, and starts the whole circle process over.

ATS allows stupid, idiotic, childish, lost, little kids that don't have a slight clue what the heck they are talking about, to post on the forum, and spread complete lies.

Supposidly they have rules against posting knowingly false info, but most of this false info is ignored, because the moderators are to fucking stupid to know the difference. They are power hungry little wannabe internet police.

At 6:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fear is the prime motivator behind the decisions to ban members from visiting other sites. How do I know? I was there from the beginning, having seen the machinations of the board at the highest levels over the issues of renegades over a number of years.

As a leadership we were scared that the dissatisfaction expressed by the disposessed would spread to the members on the board. As a result members were banned from interacting with the named other boards in case they were poisoned and lead astray. It was a fear of losing control, a fear of losing members, and most importantly, numbers.

Can you name one other board, just one, that so controls its members that they are banned from joining, participating or even reading other websites? Go on, just one. How about the members of Digg, Black Vault, Offtopic, or any other site. Have you ever seen such control exerted over members on any other board? Well have you?

And now we reach the crux of this little rumination. To maintain control of the board the leaders of ATS must control the thought lives of the members. Like East Germany, dissent is to be feared. And like East Germany, control is exerted through the leadership and through the staff, staff who individually are good people, but forced to follow the party line and adhere to the party rules. There were good people running the cattle trains in Nazi Germany as well. has become ATS's newest watched website

Moderators Only ยป Updated List of Websites To Monitor for ATS Member Postings

At 11:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ATS is a Joke , They Ban anyone who dissagress to " Strongly " with there moderators , Im all sure its all part of some deal with Governemt departments or something to keep nutjobs all on one site !

At 4:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ATS is a joke it is Government funded, they use it as a big database on people..
Anyone who finds out or questions their motives, they ban!!
Everyone should beware and Boycott this site.
Peeps dont realize that they are the people we all despise that are running this site, this is how some groups in government find out what people are discussing on conspiracy sites on line..
They fill it with disinfo..
And operate like a dictatorship in their little clique groups..
If someone is getting near the truth they destroy the thread by arguing and ridicule, exactly like the Governments spooks do in everyday life..
You stand up for yourself and go against that then they ban you.
Springer and Skeptic Overlord are real Governmental working disinfo agents, that rule with an iron fist, just as bad as George Bush..
They are partly funded by the C.I.A. which says a lot..
They have a lot to answer for, and more people need to wake up..
They are the Ignorance that should be denied..
Be very careful on that site, i know of people who have had little visits from the Feds after a run in with those boys.
Watch your backs.

At 2:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found the artist's first page whom created the Drone hoax check and also interestingly, a lot of posters in the ATS forum had the very same writing prose as in the Isaac/ Caret documents. Searching so called "clues" in text on the drones led too other elaborate pages on the web with yet more clues leading too unending elaborate sites. These clues provide other sites with hits logged in order to document and gather behavior habits. However the term Micro Targeting is the most important tool in understanding what is happening over the net. The term is mentioned over and over on a site I traced from info gleaned from interconnected purported names and articles , Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates, Inc. They've done exceptional work in Political Micro Targeting. Most interesting in searching info on MicroTargeting finding a site on Government Technology run by Chad Vander Veen, Chad lives in the same area the drone was first photographed. I find this method of information gathering brilliant. If there was a prize on finding this info, I'd want them to offer me a job, rather than hack me.

At 2:24 am, Anonymous Christian Bailey said...

Hello. With reference to Christian Bailey and the GiantAntKiller &

I created those sites. I am Christian Bailey. I'm not employed by a government nor have any ties to such clandestine operations discussed here.

I am a graphic designer. I am however aware of the other individual mentioned since if I Google my name, most results are about him.

GiantAntKiller is a site where I publish art. is a portfolio site showcasing my design work.

Just so it is clear the last poster in this blog has managed to get find some sites completely un-related to the topic you are discussing.

Thank You

At 10:25 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I to have come across the government wrath of Anyone that attacks their motives or the motives of Obama they ban. I encourage everyone to run background check on their funders and so called owners. We will expose these treasonous cowards. Karma is a b$tch.

At 11:52 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happen to know a Templar, and I spoke about Freemasonry, quickly being directed to a 'debunked' fact of matter.

A group of moderators/masons took it upon themselves not only to discredit me in every way possible, but deconstruct every sentence, ignoring the actual message of my post.

Masons indeed know how to play chess, and I do not, beacuse I do not conspire to control. I aspire to truth. Obviously when talking about freemasonry, this is a big big problem for many masons. High and low, the higher degree masons will say you're lying, because they aren't allowed to divulge secrets. The lower masons will insist you're totally factually mistaken, regardless of the fact you know people who are linked to the head of the knights templar.

Not a small claim.

I was banned, at the next chance. A user clearly was being extremely neurotic / lashing out because he was unhappy with one of my posts, ironically named 'pathos' - a long standing member of the ATS community it seems.

Not only were his comments, repugnant and unfounded, but intentionally baited as a result to me posting on his ['9/11 truthers are grotesque'] post.

i.e. went and found my thread about a close encounter , didnt read it, and just posted a bunch of insults.

Immediately reporting this matter to moderators, I was quickly suppressed myself!!! and told that I was breaking the T&C posting factual information as to what had occured, and the sort of character this 'pathos' was. Not only was I ignored, but I was post banned, for refusing to give in.

Not only was I NOT in breach of T&C/decorum, but I was stating a fact that occured, that was witnessed by mods at ATS.

You should seriously believe me, that not only do the moderators not care about the intellectually found able, but their policies actually protect those who would wish to DIGG down the truth.

I have many thousands of characters of 'text' with the moderators recorded about this.

I almost went public, but they'd probably sue me through their Mi5 Links. Anyways, I went through this step by step with one of their moderators 'TheBorg' and not only did I show him to be a total moron, but the moderators actually ignoring their own policy.

In the end, I was just told 'I dont have time for this'.

Indeed, there is no time on ATS for relevant, truthful, unbiased discussion. That's a shame actually, because I had no problem with anyone, even Pathos. Not only was I intellectually and philosophically honest, fair and restrained with good mannerism, but I was actually intentionally sidelined because of the vector my conversations were going.


At 11:54 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I should also mention, the moderators were in breach of their own T&C, until they pointed out ['they could do anything they liked']

Loved that line.. I'm contactable if anyone wants the logs.. via if anyone wants more INFO on this.


At 8:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW I can't believe someone actually has a blog about AboveTopSecret, something is not right with that site or its moderators.

AboveTopSecret has become nothing but corrupt government propoganda mouth spewing piece.

I call on any hackers to recovery the investment files of the invester who put in $12 million dollars to build and maintrain, grow the website and its affiliates.

I call on citizen repoters to track down 'Mark' and Sketpic Overlord to confront them on camera of the crimes they're participating in. Mainly the manipulation of facts and other hardy news stories relevant to today's criminal activity in the US government and the US media.

At 4:41 am, Anonymous Big Dave the ATS Hater said...

I agree. ATS is a joke. It encourages feeble minded teenagers to post their fears and fantasies and the mods tend to shut down anyone who points that out or makes clear the falseness of claims.

Also, the mods / owners of the site are probably more interested in selling advertising and products to their audience as they keep using annoying popups. Bad design on their part.

But free speech? Not at ATS by any stretch of the word. IN fact they will quickly delete or tag your thread and remove the contents if it is contradictory to their seemingly always changing mandate or agenda. You're probably right in that it is likely it is a shill site and box'o hate service for the government. I mean, what better place to get the pulse of dissent than from teh dissent itself?

At 4:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ATS has steadily gone down in quality as the years have gone on. People post other people's opinions and it is accepted as fact. It used to be that you had to have facts and proof in order to post. Not anymore.

As long as the staff agrees with you, you can post whatever you want.

Just don't forget to stroke their eogs on the way out.

At 7:27 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont' get me started with this website. whether or not it's homosexual moderators ganging up on people or masons ganging up on people or 911 retards ganging up on people it's always the same.

anytime you speak up for yourself and for the truth in any of these matters you will be hit with a brick wall. many posters post under several names and moderators hide behind regular user names to further harass people. it's an absolutely insane website.

i wouldn't mind the insanity if it wasn't touted as being fair and balanced. hell i'd probably like it more if it was openly insane.

At 6:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I myself was banned from this site. I called a moderator out on his/her own thread. My post got several "stars" (means people agree) the mod used logical fallacies and attacked something I believe in (progressive/liberal ideals).

I said in a thread that the website is full of people on the fringe right and every mod I saw comment is on the fringe right. I talked about how these people are super pro-capitalist conservatives just trying to make greedy amounts of money. I also debunked several conspiracy theories.

The website to me is full of hate and ignorance. Many pro gun/physical revolution/islamaphobic/homophobic threads.

Just goes with my conspiracy (lol) that most modern conspiracies are right winged propaganda in the mask of a conspiracy theory.

At 5:37 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ATS is a fine website. Never have I heard a story of someone being banned for having an opposing viewpoint. I have heard of and witnessed bans from people whom went and viciously attacked others, thinking that its 4chan or something.

Some people simply are not mature enough to use a board like ATS.

Some people also think that because their thread recieves so little attention, that somehow its a evil plot to ignore their concerned..its not, they just are crappy post makers. The subject may be fine, but if they make a wall of opinion text and no source, meh..

I am a liberal, I am very active there, yes, there are -alot- if neocons and libertarians, and we duke it out often (I have more stars than most of them...and a few foes). Backing down from an argument is not my style, but I will always remain respectful overall.

If you can't get your point on a subject across without belittling someone, or casting a wide pile of nonsense, then ya...your not the type that should be on a forum like ATS. Hide behind a blog.

Does ATS have government agents in there? they say, they want to hear from all sides. None are refused to speak up, so long as they follow the universal rules applied to everyone.

Are there bad mods? Sure also. go figure, humans aren't perfect. You can report a mod, but before you do, step back and see if you are indeed breaking rules and being overly sensetive...chances are, your rightous indignation is not real, its just you wanting to be not just respected, but your words honored. Sorry, a grown up conversation will mean you get opposing viewpoints.

Anyhow...blogdude, I recommend signing up...if anything, to get the ads out of the way and see the avatars.


At 11:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also a banned ats member as I got banned to calling out a mod for telling me I did something wrong that I was not even involved in. anyway I joined no censoring and they agree on the freedom of speech. they do not let attacking of members but yet debate the issue.

At 10:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2:59 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ATS is a government info collecting OP just like facebook but ATS is for consciousness monitoring to see what people are talking about, what they know and it's also used by many companies that employ disinfo ops.

They're easy to find Hooper (800+ 9/11 post and no post in any other forum always insulting people who believe in a conspiracy surround the details of 9/11), Goodoldave (same thing, 9/11 disinfo op, proudbird (chemtrail debunker and major insult thrower).

ATS is trash and there is nothing to learn there, if you like lies and being made fun of for believing something and discussing it, well ATS is you place.

Been banned 3 times now, even IP banned. There are unsaid rules like taking about American's support for the terrorist nation Israel. Immediate ban along with every member jumping on the "you anti-Semite." You'll see "Support Israel" ads all over the site "Stop Iran" ads PROPAGANDA.

Wonder why the T looks like an upside down 'L' with a 'dot' on the other side. There's a ZION in there. Why dot a one in 2012 London Olympics? There's a ZION in there.

At 10:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ATS banned me in three days of me joining. I only got involved in one thread and I was harassed by Freemasons because I have a theory that Freemasonry has been behind the deaths of numerous rockstars. I then started accusing the site of having an obviously pro-Masonic agenda and being run by a government agency. To these posts I got stone cold silence or completely ignored. It was rediculous, it was like me and four or five Masons in the discussion and no one else. It is sooo obvious it's laughable. Any truly aware person will get harassed and banned for sure. It is NOT for conspiracy theorists because all it wants to talk about is the status quo and fake alien conspiracies. I had fun though. I think I pissed them off bad. They had to shut down the whole thread.

At 5:39 am, Anonymous Infidel said...

I just started the site a few weeks ago.

Skinny neck Springer and his gay boyfriend Skeptic Overlord know who I am, know my name, my location, my vocation, etc.

I email both of them weekly and rub their nose in the fact I am talking about them.

What are they going to do?

Nothing, that's what.

Why are some people scared of these idiots?

Weak and weaker is how I describe the leadership of ATS.

Bring it on Springer, I have a treat for you.

Aluminum ball bat.
Your knees.
My video camera.

get the idea?

Come on down,I am inviting you.


Skeptic Overlord is also Corruption Exposed.

Neformore is also Buster2010

At 8:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Do not let even one single ad pop up, spawn or be displayed,either in whole or in part.

Thats how you see the doors closed at ATS.

At 4:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, ats, to be metaphysically accurate, is a feral, multi facet hydra of envy, disgust, and paranoid pack rats that circle jerk each othet anf get off with delusions of authority and status.

I used the love the site when I first started, seeing thr broad range of topics it can cover. I like debates and arguments, however alot of topics end up in piss in contests.

However there are a few good people who do frequent the site. You can tell who they by seeing the level of maturity, even if they don't see eye to eye.

I believe one the member, BigBrotherDarkness is a disinfo agent who often pretends to be calm, aloof an knowledgeable of spirituality an buddhism. I had an argument with him about a topic, and seemed to be very offended, kept derailing and kept throwing claims of my lunacy which I don't deny, but hey where the authority to even maintain quality information.

Saying that I was some Dragon King for one of my make, believe threads, and i dare say, I thinking he seen my browser history regarding mythology...even porn!

I'm actually very sad really, especially with lousy display of power and control when they are they try to disprove.

At 4:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the try to prove themselves to be. Sorry spell checker.


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