Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Breath of Fresh Air

As we head into the season of goodwill, it seems that there is that rarest of things lately: some good news. Unfortunately none of it concerns Australia (which seems to have a first-class seat reserved in the proverbial handbasket to hell lately - and the accompanying , , despite , etc), but let's keep our fingers crossed anyway huh? Maybe Santa will realise the mistake he made giving John Howard a black lump of coal for Christmas instead of a heart, and return to replace it with the real item?

In what comes as a big surprise to me, the .

Also, Bush takes responsibility for the farce in Iraq, something I find quite unusual given his past record. I would certainly consider it a happy new year he and Cheney got what they deserved.

Best wishes to everyone for the holiday season. Let's hope for an enlightening year 2006!