Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bird Flu Blues

If you asked me what the MSM's favourite topic was during the month of October to date, "bird flu" would have to be a major contender. Check out Sunday's website offerings from Fairfax and News Limited respectively:

And some people claim the media are sensationalist! Surely not! I particularly like the subheadlines in the Australian - "NSW considers flu lockdown plan" and "Bird flu risk here 'almost non-existent'". Seriously, WTF? An "almost non-existent" threat that the state of New South Wales needs a "lockdown plan" for? Sounds almost like another subject - terrorism.

Perhaps they could combine the two for a real double-whammy! How about:

  • "Al Qaeda target free range farms in bird flu terror strike"

  • "New Bin Laden tape surfaces - garbled references to 'feathered friends' hides sinister bird flu plot"

  • "Saddam's Bird Flu labs: 'Powerpoint' Powell claims 'the napkin proves it'!"

  • Seriously, why the focus on bird flu all of a sudden? Is the public being prepared for something in the near future?


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