Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Mind Boggles

Hatemonger Bill O'Reilly has just upped the ante again in his war on rational thought. Get a load of this.
Bill O'Reilly announced tonight that he will be exposing and naming all the people and organizations he considers to be helping the terrorists on his show each night. He then offered all the accused a chance to come on to defend themselves because he realizes that it's a serious charge. O'Reilly appeared to be sincere in his belief that he is entitled to make these accusations.

The first installment of BOR finger pointing included the ACLU for their belief that the Geneva Conventions should be respected. Also their concern about Abu Ghraib and request for the release of more incriminating pictures,makes them helpers of terrorism.

Then the first individual, Bob Herbert, recieved the O'Reilly branding. According to O'Reilly, Herbert's writing enables the terrorists but the real problem is his refusal to condemn the ACLU . O'Reilly gave Herbert a slight pass claiming that he is blinded by his hatred of President Bush.

That was not enough for Bill who brought on Stephen Hayes and Robert Pollack, Wall Street Journal, to point their fingers at people. Hayes chose Michael Moore, Al Jazeera, Cynthia McKinney, and Jim McDermott for his list of "terrorist helpers". Robert Pollack chose Dick Durbin, BBC,and the UN for his list. O'Reilly accepted these choices respectfully as if it was a perfectly sane thing to do.
Respect the Geneva conventions?! Those liberal bastards! How dare they!

It seems that fascists like O'Reilly feel they have the right to torture and abuse whomever they deem necessary, and viciously slander anyone who disagrees. But does FOX take any editorial responsibility, step in and drop O'Reilly's show like a rancid potato? Of course not. Of course, if you've seen OutFOXed then that's probably no surprise to you. Moving along, there's also this beauty from the UK's right-wing Daily Express:

With stuff like this in everyone's face, it's no surprise that religious hate-crime is up in the UK. Media is supposed to hold government, business and people accountable. Who holds the media accountable when they push rhetoric and propaganda under the guise of "news"?

I suppose that would be you and me. After all, who else is going to do it?


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