Sunday, July 31, 2005

Makin' (Radio) Waves

Seems that alternative news site Signs of the Times has started up a weekly PodCast, in which they summarise world news and events of import from their unique perspective. It would be great if other alternative news aggregators provided a similar service. The concept is pretty interesting - a bunch of independent researchers chatting around the kitchen table and presenting their ideas and analysis of things verbally via the 'net. Very few of the the "alternative media" seem to have anything beyond a plain website, although I'm sure this reflects the scarcity of resources most of them have to work with. Good on the Signs' team for trying something different!

The latest edition is somewhat controversial though. They are claiming the murder of Charles De Menezes (the Brazilian man shot in the head by the British police) was most likely a psychological operation done in cold blood by the agents of the Military-Industrial complex.

Now, like a lot of people I know, I formed the opinion that Mr. De Menezes' killing was a tragic accident causing by rampant adrenalin on both sides. With the recent bombings, it is entirely understandable why police would have reacted in an overly aggressive way to someone they thought about to run onto a train and detonate bombs hidden under his jacket. The problem is, what seems to be a fairly straightforward - though tragic - tale, is now becoming more and more questionable due to the lies being told by the authorities.

Media reports initially made much of the fact that he was wearing a bulky jacket and jumped the turnstiles at the train station. This has been discovered to be a lie. Despite the extensive CCTV networks, no pictures have yet been released which corroborate the police story, however recent news states that the footage will feature in the indepedent inquiry into the shooting. The fact that no CCTV footage has been released makes this quite suspicious IMO.

Whether or not this footage corroborates or refutes the details given by police, an innocent man has died. In situations like this there is an ethical obligation on the part of the authorities to dispense with political "PR strategies", "damage control" or "finger-pointing", and present the TRUTH of the matter. Witholding evidence, lies and secretive behaviour on their part does nothing to either bolster their story or convince the public of their intentions to investigate in an honest and accountable way.

After all, as we (the general public) are so often reminded, "If there is nothing to hide, then they have nothing to fear", right?


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