Monday, July 18, 2005


You know, I'm starting to get real sick of hearing the "word" Islamofascism being used more and more in political discussions. The most recent observation was when I was reading one of the latest articles in the SMH WebDiary, and I came across the first comment made about the incisive and well-written piece:
There were hundreds of thousands of people murdered by Saddam but you don't seem concerned about this at all. That is very disturbing for someone who is concerned with the death of even one baby.

Its seems that the only ones who are aiming their weapons intentionally at babies are Iraqi Baathist insurgents and Islamofascist terrorists. [...] you seem to forget that the liberation of Europe from Nazism also cost many many lives but did leave Europe free from murderous totalitarianism. If only the UN wasn't so corrupt and dishonest, maybe there could be more peaceful ways to achieve the democratisation that the world needs.
What a prime piece of ad hominem demagoguery this comment is. To get the proper context, you should read the article and comments first, but this kind of debating tactic is par for the course from right-wing armchair generals and chickenhawk apologists.

Ouch - was I just engaging in a bit of emotionally-driven rhetoric there myself? Looks like it, but who says I can't occasionally fight fire with fire, just for the hell of it?

So, for a bit of fun, I've "invented" a new word with I think reflects the reality of certain nation-states today in the world, which I can throw into useless political argumentation with as much vim and vigour as the most frothing-mouthed neocon pundit.
DEMOCRAFACISM - pron. dem'ok.ra - fa'

n: A state or system of governance that operates with and promotes fascist ideology (in whole, or part) while maintaining the public image of spreading democracy and freedom.

n. singular: democrafascist - A person who subscribes to, promotes or defends democrafascism.

So, now that we've got this term defined, who out there wants to suggest examples of democrafascist regimes? Yes sir - you at the front. What's that?

America you say? Specifically, the United States of America?

By Jove, I think he's got it!

Seriously though, whether it's Democrafascism or Islamofascism (if it even exists?), it's all just nihilism at the root. It all stems from the cold hearts of those who wish for nothing but destruction and control because they are incapable of creating any kind of real life or meaning in the Universe for themselves. Sounds like the work of Psychopaths, no?


At 7:02 am, Blogger MarcLord said...

Hi Mr. Whippy,

I was over for dinner at a couple's house last month when they both used the term "islamofascism." I had started a blog recently, but didn't tell them about it, feeling like I was in some re-make of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. On the drive home, I thought of the term democrafascism, and finally got around to googling it. There you were, here I am. You've still got a near-monopoly on the internet usage of the term. My only claim to fame is coming up with the term "Condivellian."


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